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Hi! I’m Angela Traficante. I live near Boston, MA, USA, and I specialize in providing editing and beta reading services for self-published authors. I graduated in 2009 from Bennington College with a dual degree in Literary Arts and Computer Science. In 2019, after spending nearly a decade in the tech industry as a software developer and technical product manager, I decided to turn my part-time beta reading hobby into a full-time freelance business.


I’ve been beta reading since 2009 and editing since 2019. I’m an author myself (Ella M. Lee on Amazon), so I know exactly how hard it is to finish a story and put it out to the world. Because of that, I seek to be thorough, constructive, and helpful in all my editing and beta reading feedback. I’m a professional member of the Editorial Freelancer’s Association and the ACES, and I use their resources to improve my editing and business skills. I often pull from my extensive reading and my own experience self-publishing to help guide my clients in how to plan, prepare, and market their books.


When I’m not writing or editing, I love to travel the world, cook, bake, drink tea, play with fountain pens, figure skate, and roast coffee. I am an avid reader who reads roughly 150 books a year for fun, and that's on top of all the novels I edit and beta read!


When editing and beta reading, my preferred genres are fantasy, paranormal, light sci-fi, romance (all heat levels), mystery, horror, thriller, suspense, speculative fiction, historical fiction, and literary fiction. I mostly edit adult and young adult novels, but I have some experience with mid-grade fiction as well. At this time, I do not beta read or edit non-fiction, memoir, or children’s books.


If all of that sounds interesting to you, feel free to get in touch regarding your next project! I’m happy to discuss what I can do for you, show you samples of my prior work, or take a look at your manuscript and evaluate its needs. I’ll always give my honest opinion of what value I can provide, as well as what I think will improve your project the most.

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