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What does your schedule look like?

I usually only work on one or two projects at a time in order to give them very individualized attention. Although I can sometimes take on new projects immediately or within a week, it is more likely that I will book you at least 2-4 weeks out. I can also book you much later if you're the planning-ahead type!

What if I need to move my editing or beta reading start date?

I can usually be at least somewhat flexible about start dates. If you need an extra few days to finish up your own edits, I can most likely accommodate that. If you want to push it out more than that, I will work with you to schedule a new date that makes sense for us both.

Do you work on unfinished manuscripts?

I do not perform dev edits or line edits on unfinished manuscripts. I don't think I'm effective at dev editing without seeing the full and complete story written out, and I don't think a novel is ready for line editing if it is unfinished. 

If you would like me to look at an unfinished work, feel free to email me. I'lm willing to do manuscript or outline evaluations. I'd be happy to discuss what you're looking to gain from my services and what my rates are.

Do you edit short stories?

I do both developmental editing and line editing for short stories. Short stories have the same pricing structure as long-form work, although I have a minimum charge of $50 USD.

What payment methods do you accept?

I prefer to bill with PayPal invoices. PayPal invoices provide safety and security for the transaction and ensure there is recourse in the event of a disagreement. I can also accommodate other online payment methods such as Venmo, Apple Pay, and Facebook Pay. I do not accept checks.

What does your billing structure look like?

If a project will amount to more than $150 USD, I take a 20% nonrefundable deposit upon booking. The full invoice amount is due before I return files or editorial reports to the client. When I'm almost done with a project, I'll update the invoice and send a reminder for payment. I am usually able to produce final files the same day as I invoice, or within a day or two.

How do you come up with your quotes?

My editing and beta reading rates are listed on their respective pages. All prices will be rounded up based on word count. If you want any changes made to the style of editing or the scheduling of the project (such as expediting the process), I would be happy to discuss that, although it may result in additional cost.

Are you part of any established editing organizations?

I am a current member of both the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) and the ACES Society for Editing, and I frequently utilize their resources and training to improve my own craft.