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"What can I say about Angela that hasn’t already been said? She’s horrible at her job and you should never, ever hire her. Ignore that she has done dozens of full-length developmental edits and copy edits for me—that’s just a weird fluke or something. The fact that she always makes her deadlines is completely frustrating. I want to be late with my own deadlines, but how can I do that when she is clockwork accurate with her own scheduling? It’d make me embarrassed to be late! Plus, I love wasting money by paying too much for edits, but her rates are super low considering the high-level skill of her work. I mean, how can I complain to my writer friends about how expensive things are in the self-publishing realm when my primary editor doesn’t pick my pockets?


So, in the end, I cannot recommend Angela’s services, as she is too skilled, too accurate, and too timely. Things that writers like me can never seem to be ourselves. And thanks for copy editing this testimonial for me, Angela. I don’t trust anyone else to do it. But please ignore that last part, dear review seeker—I don’t want you to use Angela’s services so that I can keep her for myself."
                                                                                                         - Jordan Riley Swan, author and creator of Story Garden

"As an editor, Angela is the rare full package of being kind, skilled, reliable, and speedy. I've worked with her on a number of projects for Story Garden Publishing, and as a fellow editor, I highly admire her commitment to the craft and ability to see the big picture. In fact, I've recommended her to so many of my clients that I've lost count. Her enthusiasm for storytelling shines through in her editorial letters, and her developmental suggestions always help me view the story in a new light. If you're looking for an editor who treats you like a human being and not just another paycheck, Angela should be your top pick."
                                                                                         - Diane Callahan, editor and outliner of the Savannah River series

"Angela went above and beyond what I expected. Her approach was perfect for my book, and for an author just starting out, I'm particularly grateful for the extra insight into self-publishing and the advice she offered to help me make the best decisions for my novel."
                                                                                                  - Loren Greene, author of Meet You By Hachiko and Edokko

"Angela is a wizard at editing. Not only is she great at the standards of the job, but she can ferret out exactly what doesn't work, and how the relationships between your characters come across, and how this ties into the entire story. She's the most thorough editor I've come across and is always there to answer questions. I cannot suggest her enough."
                                                                                                                             - Maria Warren, paranormal romance author

"My line editor educated me more as I applied her suggestions than anyone since I began writing to publish. Angela is an absolute gem of an editor, and now I can feel her slap my wrist as I type."
                                                                                                               - Martin Kearns, author of the Valor of Valhalla series

"Angela is a fantastic editor. The manuscript evaluation/beta reading feedback has helped me tremendously to rework my Melhara novels. Worth every penny."
                                                                                                                       -Jocelyn Tollefson, paranormal romance author

"The first thing I said after reading Angela's editorial report and comments was, 'She could easily charge double for this.' Her work is thoughtful, insightful, detailed, and will elevate any manuscript. Not only is Angela professional and speedy, but a genuine pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend her enough!" 
                                                                                                                                          - Sophia Noraf, urban fantasy author

"The feedback has helped me so much in knowing what I need to do to improve my manuscript. I really enjoyed understanding the good and the bad areas of my writing."
                                                                                                                  - bsearl01, Fiverr client on my beta reading service

"Wow. I tried so many ways over the years to get feedback this valuable. Angela is providing exactly what I need to up my game." 
                                                                                              - woodnine, Fiverr client on my developmental editing service

"Long detailed notes broken into sections so I can organize easily which comments are about character impressions vs. plot impressions and such. I have a lot to work through now!"
                                                                                                                 - sreddous, Fiverr client on my beta reading service

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