Beta reading focuses on a reader's reactions to a manuscript. As I beta read, I'll be giving you a reader's take on what I liked, what I didn't like, questions that came to mind, potential plot holes, and weak points in your character development or story development. A beta read is a lot like a test run used to see how your market will react to your book!


My beta reading feedback focus on things like:

  • Plot, structure, and pacing

  • Character development and likability

  • Writing style and voice

  • Setting and world-building (if applicable)

  • Plot holes

  • Opening hook, ending hook, and chapter hooks

  • Genre expectations

  • Questions that came to my mind while reading


It doesn't generally include much in the way of professional editorial feedback or recommendations, because it is meant to provide you a glimpse of what a reader in your genre might like, dislike, or mention in a review.


My beta reading service is priced at a flat $1.65/1000 words (rounded up) and includes a written report of my assessment of your manuscript.


I do not request a deposit for beta reading projects. Full payment will be required before you receive the finished beta reader report. Standard billing is done through PayPal invoices. If you have scheduling or payment questions, please check the FAQ.


Send an email to contact@lambdaediting.com to inquire about my availability and see if I'd be a good fit you!