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Developmental editing (or "dev editing") focuses on the high-level structure and content of your manuscript. Dev editing takes a look at the overarching plot, pacing, character development, writing style, story impact, world-building, and level of detail, and provides feedback on what works and what doesn't work within the big picture of the story.

Are you unsure if your story is cohesive? Are you having trouble with pacing? Do the characters just not quite "click" for some reason? Are you getting muddled in a complex plot? Is your writing style just not flowing? Are you just not sure at all what might be wrong? Dev editing can help with all of that! Dev editing is best for manuscripts still going through the editing and feedback cycle, as it generally leads to large changes within the story.

Although I don't offer sample edits of my developmental editing service, I'm happy to describe what sort of feedback you'll receive and show you an example editorial report. If you have additional questions, please check the FAQ. They may be answered there!


My basic dev editing service is $0.016 per word, but there are some complex cases where the quote can go up to $0.02 per word. I provide a 10 - 20 page editorial report, as well as comments within the manuscript to provide suggestions, examples, and advice. (The length of the report will vary vastly based on the length of the manuscript and the issues addressed. In general, shorter manuscripts will end up with shorter reports.)


Upon booking, a 20% deposit will be required for projects over $150. Full payment will be required before you receive the finished editorial report and manuscript. Standard billing is done through PayPal invoices. If you have scheduling or payment questions, please check the FAQ. They may be answered there!


Please note that this will provide a rough estimate only. Contact me with your word count for a more exact quote.

If you'd like to hear more about my process, watch this interview I gave for Story Garden!


Send an email to or fill out my contact form to inquire about my availability and see if I'd be a good fit you!

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