Line editing addresses sentence-level clean up of your writing style after you've completed your own edits. Line editing takes your draft and makes it sparkle by adjusting grammar, punctuation, word choice, sentence flow, and clarity. It also includes basic fact-checking and plot hole checking.

I will provide compassionate and thorough line editing for your finished fiction novel, consisting of one pass over the text. My editing will focus on:

  • Smoothing out sentences while retaining your own unique voice

  • Fixing punctuation and grammar to improve readability

  • Adjusting sentence or paragraph structure for clarity

  • Eliminating overused words or redundancy, checking for word misuse, and providing word synonyms where needed

  • Basic story and plot hole checking

  • Basic fact-checking

I will never use automated software to check your work. Your novel will be carefully and personally read with attention to detail. I want your novel to be the best it can possibly be!

I am happy to complete a sample line edit of 1000 words prior to booking your project so you can see if my style is a good fit for you. If you have additional questions, please check the FAQ. They may be answered there!


My line editing service is within the range of $0.010 - $0.015 per word. Most projects end up on the lower end of the range, although if your manuscript needs extra attention, I might quote you on the higher end of the range. You will receive your manuscript with all changes tracked. Although I don't provide high-level editorial commentary for line edits, I will point out major issues, plot holes, and inconsistencies as comments. My line editing service is one pass over the text only.


Upon booking, a 20% deposit will be required for projects over $150. Full payment will be required before you receive the edited manuscript. Standard billing is done through PayPal invoices. If you have scheduling or payment questions, please check the FAQ. They may be answered there!


Send an email to contact@lambdaediting.com to inquire about my availability and see if I'd be a good fit you!