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Technical Editing

After graduating in 2009 with a dual degree in computer science and literature, I went into the tech industry for about ten years. I've worked as a software developer, a database developer, a DevOps/infrastructure engineer, and a technical product manager. My experience includes working at large companies like Microsoft and Cimpress/Vistaprint, as well as smaller start-ups in the Boston area.

I have a great deal of experience working as a developer, with developers, and in a development environment. To this day, I keep up on industry happenings, changes in the market, and new developments in tech. Got an article you need proofread or copy edited by a subject matter expert? Need some fact-checking done for a blog post? Have API documentation you need tested and validated? I've got you covered. While I do not ghostwrite articles or documentation, I will do light-to-medium editing on already-written text.


My specialties include software development, database development, APIs, DevOps and infrastructure, cloud services, QA, security, and product management, although I have a wide range of experience in the tech industry. Please check out my LinkedIn for a more complete resume and don't hesitate to reach out with questions! If I'm not the editor for you or the content isn't within my range of experience, I'll be completely upfront about that.

Technical Editing Pricing

Because the projects I take on for technical editing tend to be short or page based, as well as varied in their needs, there is a wide range of pricing for my technical services. Basic proofreading or copy editing for technical content usually falls between $40 - $75/hour, with a one-hour minimum. Services that involve extensive editing, rewriting, testing/validation, or fact checking will be higher. Please contact me to discuss your project, and I can offer you a quote!


Upon booking, a 20% deposit will be required for projects over $150. Full payment will be required before you receive the edited manuscript. Standard billing is done through PayPal invoices. If you have scheduling or payment questions, please check the FAQ. They may be answered there!


Send an email to or fill out my contact form to inquire about my availability and see if I'd be a good fit you!

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