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Your book needs an editor, and I've got you covered.

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Hi, I'm Angela. I live near Boston, Massachusetts. I'm a professional editor and beta reader specializing in self-published novels. I offer several services that can polish your manuscript and prepare it for publishing. I am thorough, detail-oriented, and passionate about stories. I would love to lend my expertise to your writing process.

My most-preferred genres are young adult and adult fantasy, romance, light sci-fi, thriller, paranormal, horror, mystery, speculative fiction, and general fiction. I have some special knowledge when it comes to Japanese culture, Chinese culture, tea, coffee, figure skating, travel, cooking, animals, coffee, tea, and software engineering/the tech industry.


Contact me to discuss if I would be a good fit for your project!

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Fiction Beta Reading

A detailed report on your story written from the perspective of a reader/buyer to gauge effectiveness and marketability.

$1.85/1000 words

Copy Editing | Line Editing

Sentence-level and paragraph level changes to your manuscript meant to improve the writing style, flow, grammar, punctuation, word choice, and clarity.

Starting at $0.01/word

Manuscript Critique

A lightweight critique of your plot, pacing, characters, world-building, and writing style with suggestions for changes, intended to improve the high-level structure of the story.


Developmental Editing

An in-depth critique of your plot, pacing, characters, world-building, and writing style with suggestions for changes, intended to improve the high-level structure of the story. Developmental edits provide more feedback than manuscript critiques.

Starting at $0.016/word

Technical Editing

Proofreading, copy editing, and fact-checking for technical content using expertise from my computer science degree and a decade of experience in the tech industry.

$40 - $75/hour

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I primarily provide editing services for self-published authors looking to polish and refine their work. Here's what some of my clients have had to say:

"Angela went above and beyond what I expected. Her approach was perfect for my book, and for an author just starting out, I'm particularly grateful for the extra insight into self-publishing and the advice she offered."

- Loren Greene, author of Meet You By Hachiko and Edokko

"As an editor, Angela is the rare full package of being kind, skilled, reliable, and speedy. If you're looking for an editor who treats you like a human being and not just another paycheck, Angela should be your top pick."

- Diane Callahan, editor and outliner of the Savannah River series


"She's the most thorough editor I've come across and is always there to answer questions. I cannot suggest her enough."

- Maria Warren, paranormal romance author

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Got a question about scheduling, booking, billing, or my editing process? Click below.


Want to get in touch about a project? Let me know what you need by filling out the form below!

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