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Hi, I'm Angela. I live near Boston, Massachusetts. I'm a professional editor and beta reader specializing in self-published novels. I offer several services that can polish your manuscript and prepare it for publishing. I am thorough, detail-oriented, and passionate about stories. I would love to lend my expertise to your writing process.

My most-preferred genres are young adult and adult fantasy, romance, light sci-fi, thriller, paranormal, horror, mystery, speculative fiction, and general fiction. I have some special knowledge when it comes to Japanese culture, Chinese culture, tea, coffee, figure skating, travel, cooking, animals, coffee, tea, and software engineering/the tech industry.

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I offer the services listed below. Click on the titles to see more description and my rates for each!

Fiction Beta Reading

Beta reading focuses on my visceral and emotional reactions as I read your manuscript. When I beta read, I'll give you a reader's take on what I liked, what I didn't like, questions that came to mind, potential plot holes, and weak points in your character development or story development.

Manuscript Critique

A manuscript critique is a lightweight version of a dev edit. It addresses the high-level structure of a manuscript, overarching plot, pacing, character development, writing style, and level of detail, but it provides less feedback than a full developmental edit. A manuscript critique is intended for a manuscript that has gone through several rounds of self-editing and has a strong story already. A manuscript critique can be a cost-effective way to get editorial feedback on your novel, and it is Lambda Editing's most popular service!

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing (or "dev editing") focuses on the high-level structure and content of your manuscript. Dev editing takes a look at the overarching plot, pacing, character development, writing style, and level of detail, and provides feedback on what works and what doesn't work within the big picture of the story.

Line Editing

Line editing addresses sentence-level clean up of your writing after you've completed your own edits. Line editing takes your draft and makes it sparkle by adjusting grammar, punctuation, word choice, sentence flow, and clarity. It also includes basic fact-checking and plot hole checking.

Technical Editing

With a computer science degree and a decade in the tech industry, I can provide copy editing, proofreading, and fact-checking for tech/software articles and technical documentation. My specialties include software development, database development, APIs, DevOps and infrastructure, cloud services, QA, security, and product management, although I have a wide range of experience in the tech industry.



I primarily provide editing services for self-published authors looking to polish and refine their work. Please click below to read some testimonials and reviews from recent clients!



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